Our flagship non-woven fabric has a unique appearance. Its qualities make it perfect for applications where aesthetics is essential.

Malivlies is a mechanical bonding technology for non-woven fabrics that gives the finished product a textile appearance similar to traditional fabrics.


This is an extremely versatile product that can satisfy the technical and aesthetic demands of customers.

The needle-punched non-woven is obtained through a mechanical process called needle-punching, during which fibres, which have previously been prepared by carding, receive thousands of needle strokes, resulting in the bonding of the finished product.


Ennobling and finishing. We can finish our products to make them even more unique and high-performing. Whether you want to improve their mechanical properties or their appearance, we can provide the right treatment.

  • Calendering: calibration and smoothing of the surfaces.
  • Calibration: a mechanical process of heat-setting and regulating the thickness of a non-woven fabric.
  • Printing: aesthetic side finishing. A process of depositing printing paste onto the aesthetic surface of the non-woven fabric with a rotary screen; we obtain aesthetic effects, with a multitude of designs and colours.
  • Thermal stability: dimensional stability and compaction.
  • Barrier: a process of depositing a foam barrier onto the non-aesthetic part of the non-woven fabric. To improve the acoustic performance and to ensure there is an adequate barrier to the glue.
  • Non-scratch/Easy To Clean: a process of depositing protection products onto the aesthetic part of the non-woven fabric, that make cleaning the surfaces easier and quicker.
  • Impregnation: fireproofing, waterproof, water-oil repellent, sanitising. A process of impregnating with chemical products that make the non-woven fabric resistant to fire and to substances such as water and oil.
  • Thermo-adhesives/Spraying: A mechanical process of scattering thermo-adhesive powders onto the non-aesthetic surface of the non-woven fabric.
  • Velour: aesthetic side finishing. This gives a soft appearance and makes it smooth-touch.
  • Lamination: A polyester alternative to foam lamination. Tape lamination.