We collaborate with the most important design centres to create modern products that are in line with new design trends that can satisfy the specific demands of every client.

The careful choice of fibre mix and of prints enables us to create a vast range of colours and effects, including mélange and many others.

Starting with reference colours as the master, Pantone colour chart, we can develop a non-woven fabric with a high aesthetic content that perfectly matches the interior of a car, the interior of living spaces, such as offices and relaxation areas, and the colour scheme of ceremonies and trade fair events.


Our research and development laboratory creates the most advanced products that will satisfy market demands.

The use of recycled fibres (rPET) forms the basis for creating sustainable fabrics. When necessary, we can combine effective and ecological chemical solutions to obtain a high quality final product that respects the environment.

Our laboratories develop innovative treatments that give the fabrics specific technical properties, such as water-, fire- and stain-resistance. Our R&D team selects the most appropriate finishings and chemical solutions on the basis of the required regulations and of the demands of the customer.


Texno is proud of its internal laboratory, which conforms to the guidelines of the international ISO/IEC 17025 standard. In this context, we qualify and test raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, ensuring high quality is maintained over time.

Our team of highly qualified staff works in a controlled environment, using documented methods for testing, calibrating and validating, certified equipment and measurement system analysis (MSA).

The goal is to guarantee the constant reliability of the quality of the product launched on the market. To this end, we issue controlled documents following rigorous tests:

  • Conformity Quality Certificates (CQC) for mass-produced products
  • Test Reports for products in the qualification phase