Health and Safety

We consider the health and safety of workers to be one of our greatest priorities and we undertake to guarantee their wellbeing by means of a careful and precise application of regulations within the company, by continuously assessing the risks present and subsequently adopting initiatives to reduce them.

The Health and Safety Management System, based on the Standard ISO 45001:2018, is integrated into the company’s management system for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety. It is founded on a number of principles:

  • RESPONSIBILITY in managing safety, extended to the whole company management
  • SPECIFIC RESOURCES dedicated to checking that the company’s guidelines are applied
  • PERSONNEL, EQUIPMENT and INFRASTRUCTURE available to guarantee safety conditions
  • COMPLIANCE with existing regulations
  • PREVENTATIVE ACTIONS intended to eliminate potentially dangerous situations
  • COMMUNICATION, both internal and external
  • EXTERNAL PERSONNEL, who are subject to the same preventative  conditions
  • COLLABORATION and OPENNESS, within the established control bodies