About Texno


Texno is a medium-sized company that reproduces, on a human scale, the complexity of a large company, providing the opportunity for those who work there to be the protagonists of professional challenges that lead to competing with world leaders in the automotive world, and for them to experience the process of industrialisation and of production from beginning to end, with an enrichment of their skills, as a result of continuous comparison with highly professional colleagues.

Our philosophy is based on the “tailor-made” concept: we design and produce “made-to-measure” solutions, in collaboration with the most important design centres.

With particular attention to changes in the market, we do our utmost to find new hi-tech and aesthetic solutions, to anticipate the expectations of our clients.

For many years, Texno has experienced a positive trend, as a result also of the use of very advanced technologies and plants that, in some cases, are unique; as a result, the company was only mildly affected by the crisis of the last decade, and, in 2017, purchased a similarly sized company in Brazil.

One of our strengths is that we address a clientele of manufacturers of motor vehicles, and commercial and industrial vehicles, that vary greatly in type and market segment; this has resulted in sales from foreign markets, in the order of 85%.

The primary goal of the owners, who are present in the company every day, is to provide all-round satisfaction for their collaborators, from a professional point of view, and in terms of earnings and contractual framework; they work to set up and consolidate over time a relationship based on trust, which is demonstrated by the meagre number of resignations in over 40 years of existence.

Continuous development leads Texno to look for high profile human resources who want to enter a stimulating context in which to make a contribution as protagonists, to further the growth of a highly successful team.